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30 November, 2019

An idyllic climate to visit dream locations

In the Canary Islands, accordingly in Tenerife, we find various microclimate, sudden changes in weather conditions, depending on what altitude and which side of Tenerife we ​​are. The western part…
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About TenerifeAdventure
2 September, 2019

Diversity of the ocean, a world for to discover

Tenerife has many mentionable marine animals, like the long-finned pilot whale, the tumbler, the scad (Chicharro), which gave the name “Chacharreors” to the habitants of Santa Cruz, or the always…
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30 August, 2019

The benefits of a tour with the kayak

A tour with a kayaks is the best method for to enjoy the seascape and the wonderful coasts while you are physically active and doing something for your health. Also,…
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1 June, 2018

Tenerife, the ideal island for snorkeling

The water's temperature, the climate and the geographical conditions offered by Tenerife are ideal for snorkeling, an activity that has been gaining popularity over recent years. Similar to diving, for…
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17 May, 2018

Jet ski, much more than a conventional sport

Back in 1973, a motocross fan named Clayton Jacobsen II came up with a new way to practice his favorite sport, this time on the water. It will be three…
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