1.- GOAL.
The Company LOS GIGANTES TENERIFE FUN S.L. organizes this completion called “BEST MULTI-ACTIVITY TRIP ON THE ISLAND” with the purpose, amongst others, to be known for our products and award Instagram and facebook users that interact with the photos of the activity you have done. The goal is that the users and friends will have the photos uploaded from the activity you have enjoyed.
There are no geographic or nationality restrictions.
The promotion will start on Wednesday the 14th of August 2019 and will finish on Monday the 30st of september 2019 at 23:59pm, extending it automatically every month until we indicate otherwise.
To participate in the promotion, through social networks such as facebook and Instagram, the participant must meet the requirements described below. The participant must have a real user account in facebook and/or in Instagram (depending on the social networks you decide to use to participate) and be over 18yrs old.
Access to the pages of West Tenerife
Facebook ( and Instagram ( The participation in the competition is automatic after doing the activity and after signing the contract accepting the image data (Not everyone will participate unless you have signed the acceptance clause).
The participant must have an open profile (public) so that your participation can be taken in place.
1) Hit like button on our pages of facebook and Instagram.

Facebook ( and Instagram (

2) Share you photo that you’re using to participate. (We upload the photo taken by our staff, but if you have photos and want to participate with another photo from the activity you can contact us and we can include it in the competition).
There will be 2 sections.
1. Funny
2. Landscape
To win the FUNNY you have to obtain the most responses with ❤️.

To win the landscape you have to obtain the most responses with ?.
Each user can participate using facebook and/or Instagram. However, you can only choose one prize per person.

LOS GIGANTES TENERIE FUN S.L. has the right to disqualify or remove those participants from facebook or Instagram that submit messages or images that have nothing to do with the promotion, including offensive phrases and photographs, swearwords, inappropriate words, insults, threats and, in al, every expression that represents disrespect to the organizing entity, to third people, to natural person or to a legal entity, goes against the morality and disorderly behavior.

For facebook winners of the competition, the prizes will be: 2 gopro hero , one for every winner in each section (the funny and the landscape).
For the Instagram winner the winner will receive one gopro hero 7.
The prizes will be sent by ordinary post to the winners. (the expenses and import tax is to be paid for by the winners).

7.1.- FACEBOOK: The winner will selected within all the users that participated through West Tenerife’s facebook page on Tuesday the 3rd of September 2019. The participants that don’t follow the rules described above with be scraped manually, members from the LOS GIGANTES TENERIFE FUN S.L. team will select 3 photographs with the hightest responses.
We will choose three winners and three substitutes.
7.2.- INSTAGRAM: The winner will selected within all the users that participated through West Tenerife’s instagram page on Tuesday the 2rd of  October 2019.
The winner’s maiden name and surname will be posted on Tuesday the 2rd of October 2019 on West Tenerife’s facebook profile and Instagram stories. Also, the winners will be sent a private message or email. The winners will have three days (starting the following day from the competition draw) to send by private message through facebook or Instagram the following information:
– Full name.
– DNI (for Spanish nationality) or passport number.
– Contact number.
– Email address.
– Full address where we can send the prize.
If the winner doesn’t get in contact in the terms and deadlines stated before, has not sent the correct information, isn’t a real user or doesn’t want the prize, he/her will loose the privilege to claim the prize and LOS GIGANTES TENERIFE SUN S.L. will proceed to get in touch with the substitute winners so that someone claims the prize. In the case that the substitutes don’t follow the terms and conditions indicated above, the competition will be void.
9.1.-The participants of the competition has to accept the legal bases without implications and LOS GIGANTES TENERIFE FUN S.L. ‘s criteria in terms of resolving any matter this entails.
9.2.-The claim period for any problem or eventuality related to this competition ends one month after the competition has finished.
9.3.-For participating in this competition, LOS GIGANTES TENERIFE FUN S.L. reserves the rights to use names, surnames, images and/or user names, in the case of the winners from all the activities related to the prizes.
9.4.- LOS GIGANTES TENERIFE FUN S.L. reserves the right to change any legal bases of the competition that benefits this competition, likewise to make extend, shorten or cancel the competition for reasonable causes or majeure reasons which don’t allow the competition to come to an end due to legal bases.
9.5.-LOS GIGANTES TENERIFE FUN S.L. is exempt from any responsability in the event of an error in the information provided from the winners that prevents his/her identity, contact or enjoyment of the prize.
Personal data given by the participants will be treated confidentially and collected to be put in an automatic personal data file, LOS GIGANTES TENERIFE FUN S.L. being the owner and responsible for this personal data file.
LOS GIGANTES TENERIFE FUN S.L. collects the data with the prupose management of tjos competition and will be only used to identify the winners so we can hand over the prizes.
The winner/fan can access, rectify or cancel his/her personal data sending a private message through facebook or Instagram to West Tenerife or to the contact details below.