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Diversity of the ocean, a world for to discover

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Tenerife has many mentionable marine animals, like the long-finned pilot whale, the tumbler, the scad (Chicharro), which gave the name “Chacharreors” to the habitants of Santa Cruz, or the always noticeable loggerhead sea turtle. All these animals are among other animals unique in our sea floor.


torutga los gigantesSpain is one of the countries with the biggest diversity of marine animals of the European union. In the Canary Islands we give big importance on that. In Tenerife the characteristic of the coast provokes, that the diversity of the marine animals reacts very sensible to changes. The human exerts a lot of pressure to that living environment. For this reason, we need to have clear, that the maintenance of this living space is very important. Like in other cases it is necessary to protect this treasure and to indicate of the danger, which exists for it.


In West Tenerife for us the environment is very important. Therefore, we don’t want only to inform about the natural heritage, especially of Tenerife, but also to show the wonders which exits in our environment for to provoke that with knowledge and pleasure learn to give importance to the landscape and the natural heritage. We want to sensible the population for to see the importance to maintain this fortune.


In the name of West Tenerife, we want to recommend you our trip with the kayak, where you can enjoy the wonderful landscape of the cliffs of Los Gigantes. 100% ecological and lasting for the nature. If you don’t want to enjoy only the cliffs of Los Gigantes, but also Masca or the Punta de Teno with his multifaceted sea floor, you can chose one of our multifarious activities where we offer you all what you need for to enjoy all that places in a diverting and speculating way. Always we respect the rules of the coast and the environment, so that your children still can enjoy this gorgeous and magical natural landscape