¿How can I make my reservation?

We offer various options of reservations to any of our services:

  • Through our official website: www.westtenerife.com
  • In the associated tourism offices of West Tenerife.
  • In our offices in the port of Los Gigantes.
  • Through your hotel reception.
  • With your guide or tour operator.
  • In the touristic excursions sales points.

How can I pay?

When you make your reservation, you can make the payment of any of our services by credit/debit card.

What happens after I make my reservation and payment?

When you get your Reservation confirmation, you should print your ticket and bring it with you to our office on the arranged day and hour of the excursion.

What happens if I forget to print my ticket?

If it is purchased on our official website www.westtenerife.com theres no problema because we have a copy of your reservation.

Can I change the date of excursion?

Yes, you can change your excursion date 24h in advance before your planned date if we have some free places left for the new date that you choose.

Can I cancel my reservation?

Yes, you can cancel your excursion if you do it up to 48h until your chosen excursion. If you cancel it in this period of time, you get a full repayment.

Are the any group discounts?

Yes, we make offers for big groups, for information please contact info@westtenerife.com

What happens if the activity is canceled or delayed?

If the activity is delayed, the won´t be any changes of duration of the activity, the planned time of excursion will be given.

If the activity is canceled for meteorological conditions, the date and time of excursion will be changed. In case if you cannot make it other day, the payment will be refunded..

Is driving license necessary for driving a jet ski?

No, theres no need to have the driving licence as the excursion is always leaded by an instructor.

Can both of double jet ski persons have a chance to drive?

Yes, you can change in the middle of excursion.

Where can I leave my personal things?

We have lockers in our office where you can leave all your things.

Can I take my personal things on board?

For the boat rides you can take your bags with you if you prefer and for the jet ski safaris you can use the small box in the jet ski where you can put small things (bottle of water, snorkelling glasses etc), but it is not recommended to take it as we have most of the things you need on board. If it is necessary for medical or special reasons, it might be organized.

What is the minimum age for children for the jet skis?

We accept passengers in jet skis from 135cm height and driving is permitted from 16yrs (parental permission required, you can get the form in our office).

Does the West Tenerife tour include whale watching?

No. This service is not available within our activities.