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Is it safe to ride a jet ski?

It is possible that you have thought if jet skis are safe, suitable for all or if they have civil liability and accident insurance … Do not worry, the answer is yes and it is one of the best activities in Tenerife!

There is a law that compels all watercrafts (recreational or for sports) to have a civil liability insurance. This insurance is established to guarantee the damages that may occur while using them, regardless of the use (particular or as part of an activity).

No dizziness

Some people refuse to ride a jet ski because they think it causes the same sensation as getting on a boat.

From West Tenerife we ​​assure you that riding a jet ski will not cause neither dizziness or headaches, since our jet ski are prepared for responsible use, are stable and well equipped to ensure the safety of its occupants.

These jet skis will help you release stress, adrenaline and a feeling of freedom, also allowing the strengthening of the core, arms and legs, being in constant movement.

What does the insurance cover?

The boat insurance must cover damages to third parties (other persons, maritime facilities or marinas) in addition to the person driving the motorcycle and its companion.

Without insurance, the person in charge could end up being fined with up to 20,000 euros and a infraction. Either way, the navigation license must be in force and the captain must have the pertinent title to be able to do the work.

Security in West Tenerife

The safe is the most important. That is why our jet ski has integrated a sensor that allows the watercraft to stop in a matter of seconds thanks to a remote control, which will activate in case of danger if needed.

In addition, our life jackets are adapted and manufactured with materials that will avoid injuries in the neck or back, keeping the body upright at all times.

Safe in jet ski

In addition to having insurance in order, the total safety of the watercraft depends on the responsibility of its drivers. They must pay attention to what the employers indicate and under no circumstances ignore its recommendations:

Children under 16 must always be accompanied by an adult.
• Jet skis will only be used during daylight, with good weather and visibility. 
Do not go alone on a water bike, always notify the place and the time you will be out.
• Mandatory use of lifejackets. Its more safe. 
• Always navigate more than 200 meters from the beach and 50 meters from the coast.
• Navigate through the permitted spaces and never in areas of bathers.
• Do not drive a motorcycle under the influence of alcohol or narcotic substances.
• In port, the maximum speed is 3 knots.
• All jet skis must be registered, identified and registered.
Always drive with respect.
• Do not be afraid, it’s about enjoying and discovering new places.

If you still have doubts about the safety of jet ski or other, consult our F.A.Q, visit us at the Puerto Deportivo de Los Gigantes or contact us via phone call 922 860 044, we will be happy to help you and answer all your questions.