Jet ski, much more than a conventional sport

Back in 1973, a motocross fan named Clayton Jacobsen II came up with a new way to practice his favorite sport, this time on the water. It will be three years later when the Kawasaki brand begins to market the first models of what later would be called jet ski.

The jet ski first models built were of 400cc, single-seaters and with a particularity: the driver had to stand up, this being a danger due to the lack of stability and security. Soon there would be improvements in this kind of water motorcycle, going from 400 to 600cc and allowing the driver’s seat.

Jet Ski: history and curiosities

One of the main characteristics of the jet ski is that they do not use an external propeller, as in the case of conventional motorcycles, but internal ones, being propelled by a turbine. This last point leads them to be considered ecological vessels since their propulsion system results in a process of water oxygenation.

There are several types of jet ski: recreational or sports; single-seater, two-seater and even triple and from several manufacturers, being the most recognized: Yamaha, BRP – Sea Doo, Kawasaki, Polaris or Honda, among others.

The main attraction of this aquatic sport is the release of stress and adrenaline combined with the concentration and coordination required for its practice. All this adds to the interest of knowing inhospitable places such as beaches and coves where the only access is through the sea and where you can be practically isolated from civilization.


This sport has received in Tenerife, great prominence in recent years for the characteristics of its waters, the availability for its exercise and life the experience

One of the keys to the practice of jet ski is clothing. Although it is not in direct contact with water, the use of a lifejacket is strictly necessary and mandatory to ensure the safety of the members, either they’re driving or going as companions.

As a personal decision, the drivers of the jet ski can be equipped with a neoprene suit, knee protectors and boots… and all those who consider necessary to avoid slips.

Undoubtedly, the most important thing about jet ski and other water sports is to respect the rules of safety and commitment and always advocate for the conservation of the sea, respect for the environment and protected species.

Tenerife, suitable for its practice

The largest of the western islands has, throughout the year, a privileged climate that allows the practice of outdoor sports. The jet ski is one of those activities that every year demand tourists who come to the arpichiélago in search of strong emotions during their holidays and that can be practiced by beginners and experts.

In West Tenerife, we give the opportunity to enjoy our latest generation jet ski with our safari tour through the majestic Los Gigantes cliffs. During the tour, you will get to know some of the eroded caves in the area, paddle surfing, snorkeling or just take a ride on our exclusive pontoon boat. And you, do you know when to come to Tenerife?