Tenerife, the ideal island for snorkeling

The water’s temperature, the climate and the geographical conditions offered by Tenerife are ideal for snorkeling, an activity that has been gaining popularity over recent years.

Similar to diving, for your practice you need glasses, a tube (adequately called snorkel) and fins. In case we are in waters with an extremely low temperature (which is not the case in the Canary Islands), we will also need a neoprene suit, but it is not mandatory either.

Snorkeling: discover marine life

Only in Tenerife there are more than 60 dive sites where you can snorkel, being the Cliffs of Los Gigantes one of the best areas for its practice. Although no prior training or education is necessary for its practice, special care must be taken. For those who have had an episode of heart or respiratory failure, it is important to breathe calmly and deeply while doing the activity.

The ideal thing is to do it in small groups, keep the distance of the flora and fauna (remember that we are in their natural habitat) and choose quiet areas, without currents and without waves.

When swimming, it is essential to keep your arms close to your body, stretch your legs and push yourself with your body, thus reducing the water’s resistance.

Wealth of seabed

In the Canary Islands, there is a variety of marine species that can be observed depending on the depth reached. Among the most common fish are the old, the grouper, the conger eel, the moray eels or also some species of turtles, pilot whales and the well-known fishermen eagles.

In West Tenerife, we offer you the possibility of snorkeling in a different way: accompanied by a torpedo. Our latest-generation scooters allow you to dive into the water with the help of a propulsion system that allows a more daring ride.

For individual use or in pairs, the use of the torpedo can be effective during our multi-activity tour that also includes other activities such as jet skiing, pontoon ride (exclusive boat), paddle surfing, among others. Are you going to miss it? We are waiting for you at the Los Gigantes Marina on the west coast of Tenerife.