The benefits of a tour with the kayak

By 30 August, 2019 No Comments

A tour with a kayaks is the best method for to enjoy the seascape and the wonderful coasts while you are physically active and doing something for your health. Also, if you have the feeling that a tour with the kayaks is only a training for the arms, you will train all your body.

Due to the movements of the waves your body needs to balance oneself all the time for don’t lose the balance and to be able to canoe in an optimate way. Thereby your muscles are all the time between tension and stretching. Even your legs will be trained. Like jogging or cycling, kayaking is an endurance training with benefits for the heart system. But with the big gain that the joints are not cumbered.


In addition, the tranquility of the ocean and the landscapes around helps for to control and reduce the stress level..

In the coast of Los Gigantes we can enjoy this sport with West Tenerife, where we have kayaks with an automatically exit for the water, which exhibit unbeatable stability and therefore can be used of everyone, beginners or advanced learners. The kayaks have the highest safety. In the case that you should fall, the life jacket always will protect you.