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The gastronomy of Tenerife, Canary islands, a pleasure for the senses

By 28 November, 2019 No Comments

The gastronomy of Tenerife and the Canary Islands in general is based on traditional Spanish recipes, which are obviously influenced by the African and Latin American cuisine. Over the centuries, the recipes have been personalized and differ in the original recipes, creating a unique taste and style that is reflected in the variety of dishes. Below we will highlight some of them.

“Papas arrugadas con mojo” is one of the best-known recipes. It is a very simple dish, but thanks to the typical mojos, a kind of sauce, it becomes an indisputable side dish to many other dishes. Also, as a side dish we find the “Escaldón de Gofio”, which is made from different types of ground grains and broth, usually to fish, certainly one of the few recipes that still come from the culture of the Guanches of the islands.

We must emphasize the rabbit or goat meat, as well as the soft meat “carne fiesta” or ribs with pineapple, dishes that we can enjoy in most of the restaurants and guachinches of the island.

Tenerife has a great tradition of fishing. That is the reason why many main menus are with fish. It is difficult to name all kinds and varieties: the old one, the mackerel, Sama etc.

Desserts like “quesillo” or “frangollo” are a delicacy to try. But what we should never forget, certainly one of the most famous products in the Canaries, how could it be otherwise, is the Canarian banana. A fruit that has won several awards and is known worldwide, with a unique taste thanks to the typical volcanic substrate of the Canary Islands.

If you want to enjoy these dishes, do not hesitate to travel to the eastern area of ​​Tenerife, which joins the north of Tenerife, which stands out for its culinary tradition. We are waiting for you in West Tenerife, where you can relax, for example, after a meal on a boat trip with one of our luxurious pontoon boats, or, if you prefer to burn the calories, take part in one of our kayaking tours along the Los Gigantes cliffs.