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The guinchos, a great tourist attraction on the west coast

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Known as guinchos or ospreys, these birds have attracted the attention of tourists who visit Tenerife every year.

Sighting in the sea

In general terms, the fishing eagles coexist and fly over rocky marine cliffs where they also nest and the only way to observe them is if we are in the middle of the ocean.

Characterized by the whitish hue of its head, yellowish eyes and its black beak in the shape oh a hook. It is species that we can find around the world except in places like Antarctica.

As a general rule, the female usually has a larger size than the male. Although they do not have a direct threat, the man´s activity or some animals disturb their tranquility.

The guinchos are subjected to what is called scientific ringing. This process consists in the exhaustive study of aspects such as longevity, mortality, migrayions, amonh others.

Piscivorous and monogamous

It is a monogamous animal that during the nesting season makes acute claims to attract the attention of the pair.

They usually have between 2 or 3 eggs, the rocks of the cliffs being the usual refuge for their young. Tey are piscivorous, feed on fish and nest in places with clear, shallow and unpolluted waters.

The guinchos locate the prey from the air and stalk it before diving into the water to capture it. Besides, they have a reversible external finger with which it grabs fish, especially those moreslippery.

Guinchos, in danger of extinction

The guinchos or ospreys (Pandion haliaetus) have been considered as an endangered species.They are included in the Red Book of Birds of Spain in the situation of “critical danger”.In addiction, indicated as a vulnerable species in the List of Wild Species under Special Protection Regime.

In Spain, there ir an average of 40 pairs of guinchos, but is the little availability of habitat that makes them disappear. Another cause os electrcution with power lines, since being an urbanized area, they are necessary.

The guinchos are under minimum, so you have to keel your species in places where they can still live.