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What to do when you visit Tenerife

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Tenerife is an island of contrasts. It is certain that there are lots of options to choose when thinking about discovering all about the biggest of the occidental islands of the Canary Islands archipelago.

The island offers charming corners with adapted plans to satisfy the tastes and necessities of each person. Consequently, is has become one of the most visited islands of the archipelago, with almost 3 million tourists each year.

Hiking and Excursions

Teide National Park: Is the biggest attraction and the island´s best bet. It was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2007. Upper – mediterranean ground vegetation, a 3.718 meters height volcano make this park a must visit location of the island.

The Enchanted Forest or “Las ventanas de Guimar”: both locations offer completely astonishing landscapes; the Pijaral Natural Viewpoint or the Barranco de Badajoz hillsides have spectacular views that will leave you with your mouth open.

Barranco de Masca”: This journey of almost 6 kilometers have its origin in the famous hamlet of Masca. During the journey, we can see vegetation and impressive walls of more than 400 meters. The best option is to finish it all with a quick dip in Masca´s beach and take a boat excursion through the Los Gigantes Cliffs. 

There are lots options to choose such as visiting Los Altos de Guajara”, “Barranco del Infierno”, “El Chinyero or Afur”, among others.

Beaches and coves

Benijo Beach: This beach located in the northern side of the island stands out due to its black sand and rock formation in the seashore. Owing to its difficult access, there is no much attendance and it has become almost a paradisiacal beach.

Garachico Natural Pools: These crystal clear pools have become a big tourist attraction because of the number of catering businesses in front of the promenade.

Punta de Teno: This beach made of gravel, black sand and stones offers views that covers from “Punta de Teno” to the“Los Gigantes Cliffs”. In this zone, the viewpoint located at the Teno´s lighthouse is one of the must visit locations of the island.

There are many other beaches such as Médano”, “La Tejita”, “Los Patos”, “Antequera”, “Diego Hernández”, “El Duque, in others distrits.

Water Activities

Paddle surf and snorkel : Immerse yourself and discover the natural wealth of the island´s beautiful seabed while snorkeling. If you are more of a calm person, the best option for you is paddle surf, sliding with the surfboard while plowing the Atlantic Ocean water.

Boat ride: Do you want to enjoy the view? Check out the boat rides where your sole concern will be enjoying the best view of the island. 

Jet Ski: Feel the adrenaline driving a Jet Ski during a journey through the coastline of the island and enjoy in a different way one of the best landscapes of Tenerife. You can go on your own or with a partner if your prefer it.


“Guachinches”: Popular establishments of Tenerife where you can try traditional homemade food from the island. You can usually find this restaurants in northern towns, such as El Sauzal, La Victoria, La Orotava, among others.

The typical food of these places (stews, festive meat, potatoes with mojo…) is usually accompanied by wine from the harvest. The most striking thing for tourists is that the place s in a garage or the living room.

Characteristic  are its affordable price and the familiar touch, a fact that makes you enjoy gastronomy even more.

Tenerife: History and Culture

La Laguna Historical Center: It was the first city of Canary Islands and it has been declared World Heritage Site. It stands out due to its colonial architecture, its linear streets and a wide commercial area. Furthermore, you can experience tours to palaces, churches (Palacio de Nava, La Catedral church, Iglesia del Cristo, among others).

Drago Milenario: Located in Icod de los Vinos, it is a  dragon tree declared National Monument in 1917. It is thought to be biggest and the eldest in the world. Its legend and majesty attracts millions of tourists every year, that led by their curiosity come to visit the town.

Puerto de la Cruz: With a maritime appearance, its fishing dock makes this port a picturesque place to visit. The hotel industry is combined with a promenade perfect to enjoy the swell in the coastline of San Telmo.