Terms and conditions West Tenerife.


West Tenerife has a right to finish, postpone, reschedule or cancel the excursion activities in any moment if it is based on meteorological, marine or low security conditions.

There are no compensations or refunds based on changes of activities duration or the activities itself, as well changes of excursion places that might be changed.

The cancelation and changes of whole the excursion gives a right for a refund or compensation. It is given proportional to the cost of the part of activity, in case of cancelation of whole excursion by any reason, the total refund is given. In the unlikely event that the contracted excursion can not be made in the agreed date, the USER can choose between the refund of the ticket or another date of the excursion.
THE USER is obliged to be in the facilities of West Tenerife with an advance of one hour before the excursion for listening the briefing of the activities, safety rules and learning to use the materials given. In case of not appearing at the confirmed time, THE USER will loose the chance to participate in the excursion and the ticket will not be refunded.
THE USER will be informed about the final hour of the excursion 72h before the activities. The excursion can be canceled by the company not later than 24h before it. Cancellations of reservations will incur a twenty-five percent charge if communicated twenty-four hours in advance. In case of cancellation that occurs within the previous twenty-four hours of the agreed date, one hundred percent of the ticket will be charged without reimbursement of any kind.

West Tenerife staff will give you precise instructions on the use of the material and the norms to comply the activity that must be highly respected. The improper use of the material, as well as the non-compliance with the safety rules will determine the automatic completion of the activity and its return to port without possibility of reimbursement of the payment made.

The USER is responsible for damages and incidents caused, both material and personal, as well for disobedience of safety standards and improper use of the material, also is responsible for any other damage caused by his exclusive fault, and in particular the damage caused by negligent and / or reckless behavior, including in them any action or omission in the margin or against the instructions of the monitors or captains of the boats. All expenses of damage caused by the user have to be payed immediately after the excursion.

The USER states that he has been promptly and properly informed about the touristic excursion contract and agree to strictly comply with the norms demanded therein, as well the following rules of using the Jet Ski:

  1. Meanwhile the excursion, the usage of the life jackets is obligatory.
  2. The monitors instructions must be followed in all the time of excursion. Your position in the safari is given by the monitor and the regulation signs must be followed.
  3. It is strictly forbidden to participate in the activity while being under the effects of alcohol or any psycho-active materials.
  4. It is totally prohibited to pass other jet skis or the leading boat, cross with another jet ski or make any zig-zaging moves.
  5. While driving, a distance of minimum 50m between the jet ski and any vehicle has to be kept.
  6. As we require the maximum carefulness and respect of all the materials given, it must be returned in the conditions that it was given.
  7. All the careless behavior will lead you to immediate suspension from the excursion as well as it might lead to the forwarding communication with other competent authorities if it is necessary.
  8. Before the boat is ready and the motor is shut down,it is prohibited to jump to the water without a permission of the monitor.
  9. You must comply with all instructions given by our staff at the briefing before the activity.

The USER states that he has been informed about various material that is a part of the activity. West Tenerife provides the users with a newest model of GoPro Hero 5 cameras of whose market price amounts to 400 €, with different accessories among that are a stick for market value of € 30, and a selfie stick with the value of € 20. The USER declares that the usage of described material has been well explained by the staff of West Tenerife in order to give the possibility to make personal photos and videos of the USER.

The USER accepts that the usage of mentioned material is conditioned by the realization of a retention through a credit card of its owner. The retention will be made for the amount of FOUR HUNDRED FIFTY EUROS (450 €). The user is responsible to take care of material from the first moment when it is given until the end of activities and is responsible for any kind of damage, deterioration, loss of parts or the things, as well obliged to pay the entire cost of of the damage made or the total amount of a loss. In that case, the withholding made as a deposit will not be subject to a refund, and this amount will be used to repair the damage or loss caused by the user.

Treatment of personal data. The user is informed about giving his personal data that will be included it in the files of West Tenerife. He confirm that West Tenerife can send commercial offers, in particular, advertising, promotional offers, promotional games or contests, through any means of communication, including electronic mail or through other equivalent means of electronic communication, related to other products and services of the entity, authorizing the communication of their data, for identical purposes, to the companies of the group dedicated to the field of tourist excursions, in the form and with the limitations that are contained in Organic Law 15 / 1999, of 13 December, on the protection of personal data and Law 34/2002, of 11 July, on services of the information society and electronic commerce.

The user is informed that in accordance with the above mentioned regulations, he has his rights of access, corrections, cancelation and opposition of his personal data at any time and assigns the terms and the purposes described. The user declaires that all the information provided is true, authorizing the entity to make all the checks that are appropriate.

The USER gives the right for LOS GIGANTES TENERIFE FUN to use all the files or parts of it made with photographic and / or video material where the client is visible.

The assigment to the company includes all uses that might be used as a visual content, or part of it, using any of the media or support, as well for any application or purpose, whether it is journalistic, editorial, advertising, decorative, etc. which is established in the terms of Organic law 1/1982 of Civil Protection of rights to honor, personal privacy and own image.

The assignment made in this Agreement will have an indefinite duration from the date of this contract.

By this contract the COMPANY is authorized to cary out the exploitation of the image in accordance with the right and modalities ceded in the international level.

THE USER gives a right to examine or approve the visual content of its uses, the final products produced with it and the texts that may accompany it.

THE USER clearly declaires all the rights of examination and approval for visual contents of its use, all the final products with him and the texts that might accompany it.